Phoenix AZ Internet Marketing and Lead Generation

Need more customers? Why spend a fortune on search engine optimization when a comprehensive internet marketing and lead generation solution from Arrowhead Internet Marketing is available for less? If you are a self-employed professional or own a small business, you might be surprised at how affordable it is to use the internet as a marketing tool.

Businesses should understand that the Internet is replacing the Yellow Pages. And just like the good ol’ days of the Yellow Pages, when a customer starts searching they are usually ready to buy.

Will They Be Able To Find You?

If your local business doesn’t have an internet presence as part of your advertising strategy then you probably can’t be found in the place where 80% of potential local customers start their search for your product or service.

Your Customers Expect You To Be On The Internet

Whether you are a restaurant owner, real estate agency, real estate investor, plumber, dentist, lawyer, or contractor, it doesn’t matter, if you can’t be found on the internet you are losing business. Even if you have a website that isn’t being promoted it’s like putting up a billboard in the desert. It still means no customers.

The Fastest Way To Get In Front Of Your Potential Customers

Your online presence isn’t limited to a website. The internet is constantly evolving. According to a recent study, search engines are now the #1 Media type consumers use to find local businesses. That means you.

Did you know there are other avenues for customers to find you online even if you don’t have a website?

Arrowhead Internet Marketing can help get you found fast by utilizing a variety of proven methods that drive traffic to your web site, telephone or storefront.

With over 25 years of information technology, web design, and marketing experience, Arrowhead Internet Marketing can help you get started and tailor a plan for your needs using some or all of the following strategies:

  • Websites Designed for Mobile Phone Viewing

  • Text Message Marketing (Build Customer Loyalty and Add New Customers)

  • Business Website Design

  • Mobile Apps

  • Add and/or Optimize Google Places Listing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Adwords Management

  • Custom Facebook Fan Pages

  • E-commerce Facebook Fan Page with Shopping Cart

  • Customized Classified Ads

Does your website look bad on a mobile phone? Visit our Mobile development website for information on how we can help!

Download our mobile app from the android market. Our iPhone app is coming soon!

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